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Post by JohnBaker on Wed Aug 06, 2008 1:06 am

Ok, I thought that I would help Jim out a bit and write a review. Its not going to be nearly as good as his, but I'll try.

Never Back Down

Ok, this movie is kind of a cookie cutter action movie, theres the the good guy, Jake Tyler (Sean Faris), and the bad guy, Ryan McCarthy (Cam Gigandet). Basically Jake has to move from Iowa where he is a star football player to Orlando due to his little brother being a tennis protege. Before he moves he has one last game, and he's the star defensive linebacker for his team making tackles left and right. The opposing coach is pissed, and sends his star running back to get into his head, he does so by bringing up the death of his father. His father died in a car crash a few years back, and Jake feels guilty because he let his dad drive drunk. Basically Jake whoops the running back's ass, along with half of the guys team.

His mom still kind of blames him for his father's death, so theres a lot of tension in the family, which I think is portrayed well in the acting. She thinks that he needs to be a better role model for his brother instead of fighting all the time and being kicked out of school. When he starts school in Orlando he doesn't really fit in, but he sees a kid getting the shit kicked out of him and he steps in and breaks up the fight. This gets him into the underground MMA circuit.

This movie is kind of a mix between like the OC or the Hills, Fight Club, and a lot of Karate Kid mixed in.

And this is where the cookie cutter part begins. Jake falls for Ryan's girl, they fight, and Jake dedicates all his time to defeating him.

Even though it's a cookie cutter movie, it's still a good movie. I recomend it, i'll give it a 7/10

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