I have deceided like an old man to start a weekly rant.

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I have deceided like an old man to start a weekly rant.

Post by Bret Kessinger on Wed Jul 30, 2008 2:15 pm

I do believe I will start my first of many rants to come about people that anger me and no this topic is not racist, or sexist, okay every once in a while it might be a little sexist. My first target is Billy Mays, yes the infomercial man who insists upon advertising ridiculous and outlandish statements. everything about him bothers me. Have you ever seen Billy Mays angry, sad, or with any other exspression than that fake smile. The answer is no. number two on my list the weatherman Terry Swails, none of you but my close friends have even heard of him but he exists. He is a weatherman from Iowa who constantly lies and purposely predicts the wrong weather. And number three the most despicable, vile creatures of all, the Keebler elves, yes those evil cookie making bastards. there is a story behind this, last April I was still stuck in school, so during first hour I would get hungry, so I would eat snacks. One day I made the horrible mistake of eating Keebler cookies to sate my hunger. By third hour I was vomiting in the bathroom. In a strange state all I could think of was "those fucking Keebler elves tried to poison me" and thus my hate began. I also have an completly rational dislike for anyone that is happy in the morning and that tries to cheer you up in the process. People who are like this, please stop. there are those of us who are much more comfortable hating everything animate and some things that are not in the morning. We form small congregations called "hate circles" anyone outside said circles are hated equally.

Feel free to make any additions to the list and please state your reasoning.

Bret Kessinger

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Re: I have deceided like an old man to start a weekly rant.

Post by GodMode on Sat Aug 02, 2008 1:38 am

Jonas Brothers...
Good Charlotte...
Green Day...
Need I say more?


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