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From Autumn to Ashes - Holding a Wolf by the Ears Empty From Autumn to Ashes - Holding a Wolf by the Ears

Post by GodMode on Sun Jul 27, 2008 11:51 pm

My most recently purchased album, Holding a Wolf by the Ears by From Autumn to Ashes.
Yes I still buy CD's.
I only buy from bands I already know I like, so far I've purchased from Keane, Modest Mouse, The Color Fred, Beastie Boys, and Linkin Park are some to mention.
Some background information on FATA...
They're a hardcore band that mixes singing with screaming very well, along with amazing drums and pretty good guitar and bass.
Before Holding a Wolf by the Ears, FATA's frontman was Ben Perri, but Ben left the band before producing the CD, claiming he had lost the desire to be apart of the creation process anymore.
This left back-up vocalist/drummer Fran Mark to head the band.

Fran has had experience leading band, playing lead guitar and singing lead vox for his old band, Biology.
Fran took the opportunity to a great level, putting as much of his personality into the album as he could.
Holding a Wolf by the Ears turned out great, even with a new vocal sound it was easily distinguished as From Autumn to Ashes.
The album created an amazing new set of songs to compliment their old ones, but this still left them the question of what to do Live...
Could Fran do drums/lead vox/screaming at every show, even with the amazing drumming he put into the album?
The answer was in Jeff Gretz.
Gretz was added in the search for a replacement drummer on tours, and filled the spot permanently, with the bands approval.

The live shows were hailed as great, and performances went well.
As the touring went along, Gretz performed well, but had an accident in which two bones in his foot were broken.
Now unable to drum, the band had to make a quick decision, call off the shows following, or find another replacement.
Fran stepped up and did drumming/lead vox/screaming live.
What followed were two of the most amazing shows ever played.
FATA truly made a great CD, and touring experience with Holding a Wolf by the Ears.

But early in 2008, Fran announced at a show that the band will no longer be writing records.
They had achieved everything they set out to do, and will not be together anymore.
But Fran Mark, and guitarist Rob Lauritsen set out to make a new band named Warship, which will be touring later this summer.


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